1950s dating advice tired of dating games

Choose your favorite color and then immediately eliminate that as a possibility.

If you follow accurately the following few simple rules, you should have really striking results.

So pay close attention, follow the easy steps, and go ahead with confidence: I.

It looks like the Kiefer sisters and their parents were onboard, as were the Macklin family, and some Negropontes. There was a beauty parlor on ship, where you could get: Hair trimming $2 Hair cut $2.50 Hair set $2 Facial $3 up Manicure $1.50 Shampoo $1.50 Permanent Wave $15 up Tinting and Dying $7.50 Eyebrow Arching $1.25 Also available: Electric Baths and Massage, where you could request an assortment of massages, rubs (alcohol, oil or salt, anyone? I decided to flip through before reshelving, and stumbled across these fantastic tips for teen girls, from a chapter titled “The Boys in Your Life.” Seems those boys are particular about what qualities a girl must have to make them like her.

), sun treatment, a “cabinet bath” and something called “Shower – Scotch Douche” (I’ll pass, thank you very much). I now see what I must have been doing wrong all those years of being single. Besides being clannish and conservative, these maddening males are also keen-eyed as hawks.

The book is called The Complete Book of Absolutely Perfect Housekeeping: An Uproarious Guide for Disorganized Housewives (with Neat Solutions to Sloppy Problems), published in 1956 by Elinor Goulding Smith.

Didn’t immediately find anything on dealing with the chaos of construction, but I did enjoy this about selecting paint colors from a great book I received from my family at Christmas.Watermelon and raspberry are nice, too, if in season and thoroughly ripe.This is now My mom and stepdad are avid cruisers in their retirement years. Intelligence is put extremely low, but I suppose it only goes to prove that University Dons, like other men, prefer a woman to have a good figure, with beauty of face and complexion rather than a bluestocking outlook. 2 points I must confess that there are several surprises among the ratings. Or do my eyes and teeth have to be most excellent (by what standards, do tell? I should be cleaning out the old bathroom right now, but instead decided to dig through the books to see if there was any advice that could help me as they start to tear up our bathroom.

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