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What this usually means is that our character is not in the Main Hall, but is off somewhere else in the palaceor the city.

Being away/in cup is what shows others that our character is not in the Main Hall.

Below are links to pictures with brief room titles and explanations of what each looks like when your character is in it.

For other rooms and places not listed, you are free to use your imagination.

Never go as far as putting a chariot or a Roman bathhouse in a place where there likely would never be one. You must also remember never to role-play an event, create an object, etc. Always stick to the time period, what exists and what does not, the way characters dress, what they do to provide light, heat, etc.

The majority of the time, the use of OOC (out of character) conversation—and even actions—is a big no-no in our role-playing chat rooms.

We are still role-playing in the chat room, but if someone comes into the chat room and attempts to role-play with someone, but the character they are speaking to does not answer them, it is because he/she cannot hear or see them because they are not in the same location.

If you want to role-play with another character in the chat room, you need to first make sure that particular character is in the room with yours.setting takes place in the ‘Main Hall’ in the ‘Nevsky Palace’. You will notice in this chat room when characters are role-playing within the Main Hall, they will not be away/cupped.However, sometimes you will also notice some of us role-playing while in our cup.If he is cupped, your character will need to first ask someone that in the same room if perhaps they have ‘seen so-and-so’. For instance, your character enters the Main Hall looking for his friend (a character named ‘Adian’).You see Adian’s name ‘cupped’, so your character cannot see Adian.Not to mention, live role-play allows storylines to unfold at a faster pace, whereas in board role-play, sometimes you may be waiting hours, or even days for a reply. The line above is an all-too common line—and any other variations of it—with many role-players.

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