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Cosmic rays are positively charged atoms moving at enormous speeds.

When they strike ordinary atoms in the upper atmosphere, the cosmic rays smash them apart. Some of these neutrons then collide with nitrogen atoms.

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As the number of protons decides the chemical nature of an atom, the atom now behaves like a carbon atom.

However, because it has too many neutrons for the number of protons it contains, it is not a stable atom.

Interestingly, the language of seniors’ online ads was different when describing themselves and what they were looking for in a relationship.

Terms such as “young at heart” and “active” were used to show physical fitness and good health.

We are social butterflies in our early 20s and there’s rarely a dull moment.

I still say meeting a man through friends is the best way to meet a potential boyfriend because he comes with a recommendation and personal history.In previous research on dating in later life, Watson and Stelle found that older women had specific expectations regarding dating.Watson said women don’t have a need that has to be filled.Every 5,730 years, approximately half of this radioactive carbon spontaneously converts itself back into nitrogen by emitting an electron from a neutron.As you might guess, radioactive carbon (C) is quite rare.The experts say their findings show that the desire to find love and a companion to share life with has no expiration date.

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