Ancient egyptian dating system

Some of their practices were bizarre, however, and most likely did more harm than good.

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In order to mummify you have to learn something about how the human body works.

In one mummification process, a long hooked implement was inserted through the nostril, breaking the thin bone of the brain case, allowing the brain to be removed.

Some recommendations made by physicians were fairly sound - they advised people to wash and shave their bodies as measures to prevent infections.

They told people to eat carefully, and to avoid unclean animals and raw fish.

However, they never came to realize that these channels had different functions.

The Gods were the creators and controllers of life, the Egyptians thought.In this society, individuals were relatively wealthy, compared to their ancestors, and could afford health care.They had temples, priests and rituals in which deceased people were mummified.They thought the heart was the center of 46 channels - types of tubes.To a certain extent, they were right, our veins, arteries, and even our intestines are types of tubes.They had a very basic knowledge of a cardiac system, but overlooked the phenomenon of blood circulating around the body - either because they missed it, or thought it did not matter, they were unable to distinguish blood vessels, nerves, or tendons.

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