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Having been thrust into the Tinseltown spotlight as a teenager, Anne admits she has felt pressure to conform to the Hollywood beauty ideal."Growing up, there's a lot of pressure on young women, when you first become aware of your own looks in relation to other women's looks," she said. And sometimes you think, maybe I could change something about myself to fit that mould. "When I was growing up, I wanted a nose job, because I didn't think my nose was good.And my nose is now, I think, what lets me change my face a lot and lets me be glamourous as Agent 99.

But, of course, the two characters get over the differences and manage to fall for each other.

Anne Hathaway stars as Agent 99 in spoof comedy movie Get Smart.

"Your face needs to have character if you're going to be an actor, or you're just kind of a face," she said.

“Brokeback Mountain” stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are in negotiations to reunite on the big screen in the drama “Love and Other Drugs,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

However in an emotional interview with US magazine W, on sale in the States today, Hathaway chose to reveal details of the arrest and how the break-up has taken its toll on her physically and mentally.

‘As soon as I found out about the arrest, I had to get on a plane to Mexico to do a press tour for Get Smart,’ says Hathaway.

The movie version follows hapless and bumbling agent Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) as he is thrown into the role of a secret field agent.

He teams up with smooth and rather impatient operator Agent 99 (Anne), and they go on a hilarious mission to Russia to infiltrate KAOS, a terrorist group with a stash of nuclear weapons.

‘It’s a situation where the rug was pulled out from under me all of a sudden,’ Hathaway admits.

‘But just as suddenly, my friends threw another rug back under me.

"To say that I'm a fan of The Office is really putting it mildly," she said. I love humour that makes you feel uncomfortable and that show is so brilliant at it. "When I went to audition for this movie, I didn't think in a million years I was going to get the part, I really just wanted to meet Steve." Having made her name as a princess in waiting opposite Julie Andrews in teen movie The Princess Diaries when she was 19, Anne managed to move seamlessly into adult movie territory, starring as Jake Gyllenhaal's wife in Oscar-nominated movie Brokeback Mountain and alongside Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

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