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I like to imagine some stuff, and you're showing me everything. Shirer noted the opinion held by some women that men in today's culture do not seem too interested in actually pursuing a woman."I think a lot of women think that guys aren't interested in pursuing anymore.

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Cause we don't get it, so we need to know why it's so important to you, and what we need to know about it."The men's responses ranged from "it's fun" to "it feels great."Shirer, however, pressed for a "good answer" since the issue was raised in many questions she received from viewers."Is it a bit of a challenge thing, and you feel this sense of accomplishment? So it starts getting really complicated really fast."In regard to how they view intimacy in relation to sex, Boggs, married eight years, shared, "I think for me, there's a little bit of that chase through the day and intimacy is expressed in different ways.

Sex is one of those, but it's not always necessarily for me [that] it takes that expression to communicate intimacy. It's not the only way."Evans shared his perspective on "the importance of sex to a single, Christian male.""As a Christian male, the way we were raised, I consider it to be something sacred and something I want to experience with my wife.

tries to spark the wire thinking that …"Evans suggested that some women, including Christians, think they can use sex to a secure a man.

The men went on to share the importance of having a regular sex life and how neglecting that area in a marriage can make a husband vulnerable to temptations to be unfaithful.

Respectfully Wooing a Christian Girl Demonstrating Christian Values Community Q&A Do you have a thing for that pretty girl in your youth group or your church?

Is there a particularly religious girl in one of your classes that you've got your eye on?

" shouted Evans, prompting others to burst out in laughter at the scenario."She really caught my eye, and it wasn't until a few hours later her aunt introduced her to me and I got to talk to her a little bit, hear a little bit about who she was," Boggs said. " asked Shirer."For me, I don't have to be coddled. If you do that, we'll have a problem," said Evans, adding that how a woman chooses to use her words can be damaging.

"I was like, 'You're interesting to me.' And then she wouldn't give me her phone number, which made me even more interested."Ego, Independence and Submission In part two of their discussion, the men touched on issues of sex and intimacy and their thoughts on submission in marriage."Could you all help us to understand how critical the care of your ego is? Jerry Shirer jumped in, stating, "I think the bottom line is this, the Bible is very clear: women honor your husbands; husbands love your wives. I mean, He created it, so it is there."Whittaker said that for him, it was a matter of being appreciated and acknowledged for who he is by his wife.

"I have seen her — and I know that this is a taboo word for women or whatever — I have seen her submit, but in her submitting [it] makes me want to give her more."Shirer noted that women who sent in questions for her guests asked about issues related to leadership in the home."Because there are a whole lot of women having to take the reins in their own homes to do devotions with the family, or take care of the finances because their husband is just — not living recklessly, he's just not managing it, or leading the home in terms of vision and direction for the family," she said, finally asking: "What makes it difficult for a guy to lead his home?

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