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A Piscean woman is very sensitive and demands a lot from an Aquarius man.

When an Aquarius woman wants to detach from the world to live alone for sometime, a Piscean man behaves extremely opposite and wants her to be at his side at that very time.

Compatibility of Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man The combination of an Aquarius man with a Pisces woman is hard to match. He will give Pisces woman good company including pleasures and excitements but unable to fulfil her innate desire of warmth and passionate relationship.

Saturn in the twelfth house reminds us that in order to succeed, we must also look within.

You may need to do some tough work on yourself, Aquarius, but by December 2020 — when Saturn enters your own sign — you’ll be grateful for this dedicated soul-searching. On May 15, this rebellious planet moves into the Taurus constellation, activating the fourth house (that's the area of your chart associated with home and family).

Looking for forging the bond of marriage with your Aquarius partner in this year but still in the dark about this possibility?

Throw some light on this issue by availing our 2013 Love and Marriage Prospects report to get an accurate and bang on target analysis of your situation based on the analysis of your birth chart.Compatibility of Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman In the beginning stage of the relationship between an Aquarius woman and a Pisces man, love will blossom and sizzle.But, as the season fades this relationship may also wither.But, Aquarians may find it as a confinement for themselves as they are freedom-lovers and like to explore the world by themselves.Pisces are very sensitive and tender, need a strong personality.However you decide to structure your career, Jupiter will be delighted to reward your hard work and ambition.

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