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We found that some–but not all–ant species living in Manhattan’s most urbanized habitats had δ13C signatures associated with processed human foods. E) had increased levels of δ13C similar to δ13C levels in human fast foods.The magnitude of this effect was positively correlated with urbanization.

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Our results demonstrate that the degree urban ants exploit human resources changes across the city and among species, and this variation could play a key role in community structure and ecosystem processes where human and animal food webs intersect.

The Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra, a program of NC State’s Department of Music, will celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Research from North Carolina State University finds that some – but not all – of the ant species on the streets of Manhattan have developed a taste for human food, offering insight into why certain ants are thriving in urban environments.

But Penick’s isotope analysis found that appears to split its time between subterranean nests and foraging in the branches of trees along NYC streets.

“This highlights the complex nature of urban ecosystems and how much we still have to learn about how these species relate to each other and to the environment,” Penick says.

The work was supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number 0953390 and by the Department of the Interior’s Southeast Climate Science Center under cooperative agreement number G13AC00407.

The center is based at NC State and provides scientific information to help land managers respond effectively to climate change.

-shipman- Note to Editors: The study abstract follows.

“Stable isotopes reveal links between human food inputs and urban ant diets” Abstract: The amount of energy consumed within an average city block is an order of magnitude higher than that consumed in any other ecosystem over a similar area.

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