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Interestingly the SQL Statment SELECT Stock_Code, '-', Description FROM `My SQLdb`.`parts` Produces a list in my SQL data browser formated as required, i.e ABC123 - Description but I am unable to replicate the same in ASP.

I'll accept your answer as final, but if you do find a useful solution that you feel will help then please post. Had a slight problem with simplifying the additional line items, so I removed the 0-25 options box and a new line item is added each time the one above is selected. Just need to get my head round the multiple form within form issue.

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I will have other fields in the form like contact details etc.

Each form element will have to be written back to an orders table in the mysql database. Or is that just some contact info for the whole order? The code can be viewed here: the code example access db can be downloaded here: it is technically way outside the bounds of E. for people to come up with specific working examples of exactly what a person is asking (i.e., this isn't a free coding service for people), I will give you what I have written and let you play around with it.

I also need to add more pairs of dropdowns by say the user clicking a button, This is so the users can add as many items to the order as they require.

I.e Assy 1 ------ Part 1_1 10 off Assy 1 ------ Part 1_2 5 off Assy 4 ------ Part 4_3 1 off etc.

If you give me that information, I should be able to come up with a workable example that will get you to where you need to be. The second dropdown will need to do a SELECT * FROM parts WHERE Top_Assy = "dropdown1".

Description AS Display Val, " & _ Hope that helps! Here's where I found the string concatenation info for My SQL -- the resource might provide useful info for you in future endeavors. q=concatenation&from=/doc/mysql/en/explain.html&lang=en Let me know what else I can do to help, peh803 No that didn't work.

This list will get longer if the user need to add more lines. I'm testing this with a DSN to a database on the web at the moment.

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