Audrina justin still dating is chris evans dating scarlett johansson

“I went and did my first cut and they filmed it, but it didn’t go in the story line,” Brescia recalled to Us.

“It was like, ‘Why is this dude just showing up and cutting hair?

“She didn’t even realize he would be in Costa Rica until she arrived.” Patridge, 25, instead spent the trip filming for and hanging with the girls.

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In fact, he added that he would have enjoyed it more if it had turned into an all-out scripted project. “It was hard to get me to shoot after a while because it was repetition and there wasn’t anything artistically happening and I wasn’t growing.

So I said, ‘If you guys get some real writers in on this, I’d be all about it and we could build characters,’ but it never went to that.” There were genuine moments captured on-screen, like when the longtime drummer played a live showcase with his former band Ed Stanley and when he’d ride his Harley up and down the California coast.

So can Justin Bobby work his way back into Patridge’s newly single heart?

Since finishing work on reality show The Hills, Audrina Patridge seems to have plenty of time on her hands.

So are these stormy exes ready for more motorcycle rides and another crack at things?

PHOTOS: Audrina Patridge’s 15 Hottest Bikini Moments “Nothing is going on between Audrina and Justin,” says a source.Audrina's series of tiny bikinis show off her increasingly slender figure.Bones on her chest were clearly visible, making her breast implants all the more obvious.I have some really great projects I’m working on.” In the meantime, the reformed reality starlet, who also competed on , has been planning for Bohan’s 30th birthday, which is in January.“I haven’t picked out any holiday gifts for him yet, but I am throwing him a little birthday party before he leaves to go back to Australia,” she says. He knows about it, but there are some surprises he doesn’t know about.“It’s hard on relationships, so after the show, Corey and I really worked on what was going on with us.

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