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He is well-known for his amazing efficiency, meticulousness, and attention to detail.

The level of detail in his email instructions is second to none.

Best dating agencies singapore

I like Love Express’s registration efficiency the best.

Shortly after you sign up, they will send you an email with full instructions on how to make payment.

Ultimately, I still have a pretty fond impression of Love Express as a whole.

Events Attended: At least 3 Lasting Female Friends Made: None Event Registration Efficiency: 8/10 Organisation & Conduct of Event: 10/10 Overall Impression: 6.5/10 Remarks: Jerald has quite a reputation amongst the SDN crowd, but for the good reasons.

Overall, a pretty competent and professional outfit.

Events Attended: At least 3 Lasting Female Friends Made: 1 Event Registration Efficiency: 9/10 Organisation & Conduct of Event: 6.5/10 Overall Impression: 7.5/10 Remarks: I met Miss Sweet from my very first time attending a Love Express event, and she remains a very dear friend till this day, so I have a particular soft spot for this agency.

As for his events, they are usually priced very cheaply (around - for a speed dating event not inclusive of meal), and you really have to attend one of his events to see for yourself what I mean by high-level efficiency and attention to detail.

He has a knack for precision such that at times one is almost tempted to think that he was an engineer in his past life or something.

I particularly like Leah’s bubbliness and the enthusiasm she brings to an event. In terms of event organisation, I think it is so-so.

There was once where we were doing speed dating rotations in pairs, and we didn’t manage to complete the full round of rotation and probably only covered 70% of the tables, which I wasn’t too pleased about.

Have you ever fancied a man, only to find out later that he is married?

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