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However, when the first certain record was made of him in 1343, he was mentioned as a former voivode who had become disloyal to Louis I of Hungary.

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In 2011 June, the Sun unleashed somewhat impressive, medium-sized solar flare as rotation carried active regions of sunpots toward the solar limb.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told USA Today that he is concerned with the manner in which Facebook and other similar companies carelessly use personal data generated by subscribers.

Wozniak, who left Apple in 1985, said that he would rather pay for Facebook and no...

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We highly care for improving the speed and standards of our customer service as well as extending the product assortment of the shop with the equipment of the best known fly fishing companies.In retaliation, Louis I confiscated Bogdan's estates in Maramureș in 1365. He did not accept the overlordship of Louis I of Hungary, transforming Moldavia into the second independent Romanian principality.A royal charter, dated to 6 October 1335, narrated that Charles I of Hungary had sent Ladislaus Jánki, Archbishop of Kalocsa, to Clisura Dunării three times in 13 to make preparations for the movement of Bogdan, son of Mikola, from "his country" to the Kingdom of Hungary.Caring for your comfort we also present state-of-the-art fishing wear: jackets, vests, fleeces, trousers and underwear.All breathable waders and wading boots offered by our shop will provide you with utmost freedom of relax in any conditions.Moldavia had been under the rule of Sas of Moldavia, a vassal of Louis I of Hungary, but the local Vlachs were opposed to the Hungarian suzerainty.

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