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Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day's first meeting wasn't exactly conventional by nature, considering they met on dating show Famously Single.

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He of the Heavily Gelled Hair met Britney Spears last fall during her Femme Fatale tour (which he DJ'd for) and in a new sneak peek from an upcoming episode of The Pauly D Project (airing Thursday, May 7) we get to see what it was like when Pauly met Britney.

In the clip below, Pauly, shaking like a teenaged girl, thanks Britney for letting him open for her on her tour.

I could s*** all day."That's right, the dialogue is every bit as gripping as that of its parent show, but what's missing -- refreshingly -- is "Jersey Shore's" trashtastic focus on, well, getting trashed.

Instead, viewers are along for the ride as Pauly tries to up his star wattage by doing actual work.

The X Factor judge handles Pauly’s thank you with grace and class, telling him...

// Q_QFx M/pauly-d-freaks-out-when-meeting-britney-spears-on-the-pauly-d-project-video Viewers continue to see a somewhat deeper side of DJ Pauly D as " The Pauly D Project " (Thu., p.m. In this third episode, Pauly started his residency at his new gig, and right away there was some chaos and drama on the floor.In fact, the dumblonde frontwoman had nothing but negative things to say about her current beau when she met him during the cast's first speed dating challenge, saying: In her defense, that was our first impression too! However, Aubrey and Pauly D's delayed romance wasn't the only notable moment from the premiere — resident villain Brandi managed to get called a "dumb b*tch" during the very first episode!As the nation continues to mourn over the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, many celebrities have banded together, offering support and words of condolences to the Newtown, Conn. A source close to cast tells Celebuzz that the gang is on “lock down at a Holiday Inn in Toms River, N. While attending the kickoff for the Rehab pool at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas over the weekend, the 31-year-old reality star showed off a much bulkier physique in a tank top and cargo shorts. It continued back in the suite when a drunk girl who came back with them started stirring up some trouble, citing "bad energy" in the room.It was Ryan who took control of the situation, keeping a cool head and his grip on his pizza, as he slowly corralled the girl toward her purse and finally convinced her that it was time to go.Yes, the work involves hanging out in nightclubs and fist-pumping and...

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