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We'll ask you to describe an occasion when you came up with a creative way to improve a process or solve a problem.

So the best advice I can give to anyone is to figure out what you're passionate about and match that passion to the work that we do. You can learn a lot about our culture by watching the many You Tube videos we post.

You can learn about our CEO by reading about what people say about him on Glassdoor.

" "What are the key things you'd like to help me to achieve? A mistake sometimes people make is saying how much they want to learn from us as opposed to positioning it about how much they have to provide us.

There is a job opening because we have a business problem that needs to be solved.

Instead of being limited to a commutable employee, you can find the best person for the role, no matter where they live. While nearly 10 percent of American Express employees are in dedicated virtual roles, all employees can work directly with their leaders to determine the best work arrangement for their role.

Flexibility is a part of the way we work at American Express, and it's also expected in today's global marketplace.

American Express is regularly lauded as one of the best companies to work for — particularly for its flexible schedules and workplace diversity, which extends to gender, race, and sexual and religious orientation. Our digital payment and technology areas are growing very rapidly.

The company, headquartered in New York City, has 50,000 global employees, and that number is growing rapidly due to expansion of both onsite and remote positions. We are looking for coders, programmers, designers, developers, and engineers.

And we have representatives at career fairs such as the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing and the National Black MBA Association.

What is your etiquette on candidates interacting with you on social media?

That might seem obvious, but a lot of people come in unprepared. New York is smart casual, and some of the other locations may be more casual. So do your research about the job and the culture of the office you're visiting. You're going to interview with a lot of people, so be sure not to CC the same response to everyone you interview.

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