Celebrity trivia condoleeza rice dating

I am tempted to remove the whole thing, as Brandon and a previous editor did, but I don't want to do so without discussing it with you.

If there's no response to this, I probably will remove it in a day or two; if there is, I'll consider and respond.

Indeed, I find it interesting your response is a refusal to engage with any argument I've made but simply hurl feeble generalized first-year logic class attacks.

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Klymen If the criterion that it's been put in public about her in "eastern and western media" -- that being *one* obscure Australian source and Iranian state-controlled media, then we'd have to make some serious changes throughout this encyclopedia.

The London Daily Telegraph -- a generally responsible non-tabloid (though right-leaning) made a series of serious accusations against Clinton in the '90's.

I’m not here to debate weather she did have an Iranian boyfriend or not and I agree that the factuality of her relationship can be debated however nothing in what is said in the article is false; this is something that has been put in public about her, both in western and eastern media.

Also what was on the Trivia section is something that has gone through some editing. I believe the final edit of what was there is a perfectly fine representation of facts.

The American Spectator -- wildly anti-Clinton, but arguably media -- did so as well.

All kinds of bizarre things were said about Clinton in the Indian and Russian press.

Because, despite the sourcing, they're highly speculative gossip is my answer.

On the one hand we're deleting unsourced accusations that Rice is a lesbian, and on the other we're staring at accusations that this woman was hurt by an Iranian ex-boyfriend, and that explains her behavior because, as a woman you know, she's not capable of responding rationally 20-30 years later.

If trivia is of genuinely no importance it should be removed.

If trivia is very likely false then it should be removed.

I think you should look up Wikipedia: Trivia#Recommendations_for_handling_Trivia.

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