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In the decades since, Wilkinson appeared frequently in live entertainment shows of the Las Vegas variety, and has hosted multiple television shows involving film and fashion.

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The “Queen of Rock and Roll” first became a star with hits like “Proud Mary” and “River Deep, Mountain High,” which she performed alongside her ex-husband Ike.

Sashaying across the stage with her big hair and even bigger vocal chords, Turner walked the line between consummate entertainer and leggy babe.

That led to roles in Taxi Driver, as well as the sitcoms Moonlighting and Cybill, which eventually earned Shepherd three Golden Globe awards.

Photo Credit: Corbis Images You could say we’re being a bit premature including Mila Kunis on a list of the world’s all-time beauties.

In short, she was the perfect Southern girl – sparkling, sassy, and ready for anything.

(That accent, too, was surely part of her charm.) Oh, and did we mention she was good with cars?

Acting alongside more famous actors like William Hurt, Turner’s frank sexuality (and steamy fellatio scene) made her an instant star.

She would later become one of the eighties’ biggest box-office stunners, starring in hits like Romancing the Stone, which earned her a Golden Globe.

So it’s not just us: the camera really does love Julia.

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