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Clean" who would produce a Utopia if allowed to work? Men have made colossal misjudgments in a moment of error and may make more to come.

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Science could The play was an international success (and gave the word "robot" to the world and to science fiction) so its thesis of science out of hand must have touched a responsive chord in mankind.

Why should men be so ready, in 1921, to think that science could get out of hand and do total evil to the human race, when only a few years before, science was still the "Mr. World War II was a greater and deadlier war than World War I; but World War I was incomparably more stupid in its details.

For on the Somme while generals thought they could build a bridge of mangled flesh across the trenches.

Everything about the carnage was horrible, but was there anything which managed to make itself felt above that sickening spectacle of mutual suicide?

Besides, even if you argue that the development of the nuclear bomb sin, I still reply that it wasn't the first sin.

The mistrust of science itself antedates the nuclear bomb.But things really shifted into high gear with the Industrial Revolution.Technology started industrializing the United States around 1790, changing it from an agricultural society into a manufacturing society.Children do not understand technologies like printed encyclopedias and telephone directories.For us old geezers a "computer" is a box with a monitor and a keyboard, increasingly a computer is a smart phone.Jerry Pournelle predicted that in the far future people could use something like an internet to find answers to their questions, but failed to predict that people would be angry if the answer took longer than three seconds to appear (drat that Google is slow today).

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