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Changes the property of a hex tile (like having been revealed) to a certain player in-game.

Contains a variety of functions related to civilizations.

Sid Meier's Civilization V adds city-states, natural wonders, and a boatload of all-new civilizations into the mix.

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Some placeholder/concept art exists in Assets\Leaders\ for Isabella (Spain) and Pachacuti (The Inca).

The only remnant of this wonder is a placeholder picture, as well as a music track that was added in Brave New World.

Alternate icons exist for the Factory and Market/Bazaar.

In addition, there's an icon for a supermarket building that was never added to the game, even with expansion packs. These might be related to the ones mentioned above. It has a similar appearance to Portugal's unique unit, the Nau, which was added in Brave New World.

The track is 1.6 seconds longer in the non-English language folders, but it consists of silence that wasn't trimmed out.

The Large Hadron Collider's music track is defined in Brave New World's sound XML files, however.

The Campaign Edition does not support online play; LAN multiplayer can work with other Mac App Store versions, or with the Steam version, if they are the same version.

However, they are often updated at different times, so it can be months before they get the same update and are compatible.

Some "You have discovered X" sound files exist for three techs that were never added: Calculus, Patronage, and Publishing.

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