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If my ex doesn’t score with taking advantage of the rebound, there is a chance he will be coming right back. What’s different now, is that I saw the strategy my ex was trying to cook up because I was on the other side of the court watching him play. My family and friends are so shocked by his behaviour, could it be possible it’s a distraction and he doesn’t have to think about us parting?It’s so unfair I’m here heartbroken and hoping for someone nice to come along whilst he’s off having a lovely time in the honeymoon period with someone else.

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I desperately don’t want to feel this way anymore and I keep being told how lovely I am and that I won’t be single for long, but I don’t have much faith that I’ll find someone else.

It’s such a huge knock to your confidence and self-esteem it’s kind of unreal. Me and my ex broke up in March however we slept together at the end of May. Dont worry it just means we made them the happiest that theyre trying to copy it with the new girl Reading your comment helped as much as the article.

F**K it hurts for sure.I do not want him back…he didn’t treat me very well…I know he hasn’t changed…but UGH he really pushed the pain button in me…thanks for this…My ex moved on within two weeks after telling me he didn’t have enough time in his life for a relationship.

He claims he wasn’t cheating but I don’t know what to believe. He says now he just wants to get married and have a family – he knew that’s what I wanted.

So I can’t keep comparing myself to this new woman and dreading the announcement of the inevitable engagement.

Your article is so helpful – I read it most days as I find reading and actually believing it takes time. My ex of three years dumped me 4 months ago completely out of the blue two days after his grandma died.

And reading all of this really made me realize things, i thought because me and her were so different it couldn’t be a rebound because this time he had found a girl who was different and good for him but then i realized it is just a distraction he’s never gone longer than few months without a girlfriend so he always needs someone there to fill the void and it doesn’t mean she’s different/amazing/way better than me. Seems so crazy to everyone we know but your friends advice sounds pretty legit.

I can truly say that your statement about tying his actions to your value, the white horse and being the one who got away has really begun to transform my thinking.

And then, you find out from a mutual friend that he’s moved on. I don’t know if its the same thing as rebound relationships or sinilar.

It’s not a race but it kind of totally is and he just f*cking won. All the “progress” that you convinced yourself you made is long gone and you’re left feeling like an un-sexy, unwanted fool. Maybe the joke’s on him, karma is slowly kicking in and he’s in the biggest relationsh*t joke of all: YASSS! You nailed it once again and you look so fierce in those pants. Maybe he’ll replace the new pic that the “rebound” took of him with the one I took for his dating profile. Is it still considered a rebound if he was the one to break up with me?

I really loved him and i genuinely thought he was as happy as i was.

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