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Extending the benefit of the doubt to the directors, writers, producers, etc: The probable reason that this dimension of Greek culture seems to be omitted from these blockbusters is because society seems unable to divorce itself from the images of Anal Sex & effeminacy in ref to M2M intimacy.

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Saunas were great after sports or working out because of the bareskin-factor. The fact is that 2 out of every 3 guys likes scoping hott guys. I figured it out early: If you don't give/take "it" up the arse, then you're N0T "GAY".

Aggression, erections, muscles, sports, sweat, strength, sexdrive & testosterone: MALE. What's nuts is that we live in a culture where people automatically think about "butt-phuck'n" when someone says "g Ay" - so we're staying away from the 'g Ay' label!

If you form a YAH00 group, here are some configuration criteria.

If your group meets the criteria for inclusion in this list, those visiting the g0ys group will be able to locate you on this list (hub-spoke) approach ...

and those visiting any other g0ys group will be able to find other groups - including the main g0ys site.

You may be here because you feel completely alone in your situation.

In regard to the script/book, the most serious error with the plot was the way in which the Male/Male sexuality was portrayed: Anal Sex.

In the timeframe the book was penned, the fact was that Arse Sex was a MINORITY PRACTICE -- even among "gay men".

You see, the BOM (an offshoot of is a group for normal guys who just happen to also be warm on other guys (Same Gender Attractions).

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