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A graduate of the Moscow Lenin State Pedagogical Institute, he holds a Ph. Together with the new members of the council, Vadim plans to actively promote the interests of VTB shareholders by developing special products for shareholders on the bank platform and by maintaining regular dialogue between the bank management and shareholders. He graduated from the Urals State Technical University with a degree in IT Systems in Economics.The purpose of this is to create an open platform to grow shareholder value and dividend yield of VTB shares. Ilya was Head Treasurer at SKB-Bank Head of the Corporate Business Department of SB Gubernsky and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Reserve.

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As an SCC member, Vladimir will work on the optimisation of the bank’s expenditure, the development of feedback mechanisms and public monitoring of the bank’s activities. He holds a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree from Moscow Lomonosov State University He completed advanced professional training courses at the Higher School of Economics as part of the Business Education programme.

Stanislav is a member of the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) Index Committee and Listing Council. Valery is Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at the Institute of Financial Markets.

She has studied all areas of banking and headed the Public Debt and Securities Department in the Finance Ministry of the Irkutsk Region from whom she holds various awards and merit certificates... in Economics and a degree in International Economic Relations g from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Foreign Ministry..

As a member of the SCC, Yelena will focus on consolidating VTB’s leading position, increasing its market share and consequently boosting its profits, dividends and shareholder value . Yelena is an adviser to the Senior Vice-President of Norilsk Nickel. She has extensive experience working on international projects in Russia’s financial sector and corporate governance.

Alexander holds a grant from the Russian Government. Vladimir is a lawyer specialising in corporate law and corporate bankruptcies.

As an SCC member, he intends to play an active role in the expansion of VTB minority shareholders’ involvement in VTB activities and the distribution of personalised offers via online and mobile channels. He graduated from Moscow Lomonosov State University with a degree in Law.Valery has successful experience working in senior managerial positions and is the author of numerous publications and books on economics.He has been an SCC member since 2013 and became Chairman of the SCC on the second convocation. As an SCC member, he will focus on the development of a new strategy and special products for VTB shareholders. Igor is Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Association of Institutional Investors. Sergey is Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Civil Society, Public Associations and Religious Organizations.From 2011 to 2016 he was a member of the Government Commission which oversees the implementation of measures to prevent the bankruptcy of strategic enterprises and companies.He plans to continue promoting the interests of minority shareholders within the SCC and work on developing special products and loyalty programmes for VTB shareholders. Vadim worked at the Russian Government Commission for Economic Reform where he campaigned for shareholders’ rights at privatised companies.

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