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I’m mad that I get a bunch of emails a day asking me to talk about my best friend’s "misogyny" and "classless behavior," from people who have heard only rumors and seen only one very blurry and inconclusive i Phone photo.I won’t go into detail about the actual events because I was pretty drunk and I don’t want to tell the wrong story.

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I will say that it happened so quickly that nobody I talked to after the show even knew anything had happened (there was only one photo and no video—how rare is that).

I will also say that whoever wrote on Reddit that Danny was "walking around the stage getting girls to grab his d-ck" is 100% false, and to blame someone for their own molestation is a sh-tty thing to do.

We had all this stuff in talks with my manager for Fader, and I thought, "Ooh, Fader!

That's going to be cool." Then it came out, and everything exploded. Was it just an idea one day, or a joke at the beginning? If I don't get anything else out of this, then at least I got to meet Danny Brown.

" questions about Danny Brown's onstage oral sex fiasco during a recent Minneapolis gig have been hushed by his tour mate, Kitty Pryde, who sounded off via a post at Noisey. I’m mad that a person thought it was okay to pull another person’s pants down during their performance in front of about 700 other people.

Writes Kitty..."Ever since it happened the universal respect Danny commanded has splintered into two groups: one side thinking he’s way more awesome than they should, and the other thinking he's an awful misogynist and hack. I’m mad that when I went home and said I had no respect for that girl, I was attacked for being a 'slut-shamer' ... I’m mad that when two dudes pulled my pants down onstage, other people got mad too, but when it happened to Danny the initial reaction was like one big high-five.

Le Bron James surprised concertgoers by showing up alongside Timberlake and taking a shot on stage.

On Friday, the singer was also seen cheering on Le Bron during the Pelicans and Cavaliers game.

M." and "UNfollowed") she seems to repeatedly shy away from the forceful stage presence a room like Irving requires in favor of maintaining that abashed, bedroom-giggle stage coma, there's no way Brown could have missed how the crowd treated his opener.

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