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I have an Excel file that want to update and save automatically with out having to open it or manually interact with.

Visit Stack Exchange is pressed or when the cells are clicked out of.

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My solution was to find an old version of the same excel spreadsheet which was not having thses issuesbefore I archived it, which is of similar size and complexity to the current version.

I opened this spreadsheet, checked that this was still working and autoupdating with current installation of MS Excel and any new automatic office updates (which it did work with), and then just reopened the original spreadsheet. In my instance I was using a particular add-in called PI Datalink.

Basically I need to script some things which require the XLS file to be updated.) Then I use a Powershell script that does the trick by : opening the Excel file, calling the macro, save and close the file.

In this example I make a copy of the original file for security/backup purpose, but of course you could save the original file itself.

I can only assume that somehow the file had become corrupted.

I also have had this problem with a very large spreadsheet that just stopped updating itself over the weekend, but having checked the above solutions, setting were already set to automatic, and sheet is too big to rebuild, so I was at a loss.

I am having to click on the formula bar, then I have to click enter for the formula cell to do its thing. I had a case of this just now on Excel 2010: a particular spreadsheet that would not auto-recalculate.

I changed the setting as indicated above; but the auto-recalculate still did not work, and upon rechecking the "Calculation" option, found it had reset itself back to "Manual" all by itself.

This enables you to view the most recent information, including the changes made to the source. (The 'Data' tab appears.) 4) From the 'Manage Connections' group, click the 'Refresh All' drop-down list and select 'Connection Properties'.

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