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As well, low nutrient densities in some of the complementary foods may enhance under-nutrition [4].Protein nutrition is important for human health as its deficiency leads to a major public health problem of Protein and Energy Malnutrition (PEM) that faces most children in the developing world [5].This will go a long way in reducing the costs incurred by use of imported ready-to-use-therapeutic food.

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Received Date: February 02, 2017; Accepted Date: March 11, 2017; Published Date: March 16, 2017 Citation: Wakhu-Wamunga F, Wamunga BJ. doi: 10.4172/2472-1921.100044 Context: The prevalence of protein energy malnutrition in developing countries has reduced globally.

Locally Developed Ready-To-Use- Therapeutic-Food (RUTF) for Management of Malnutrition Using Animal Models. However stunting, wasting, and underweight are still unacceptably high.

This assistance is provided as a swift response to the joint call for support by Deputy Prime Minister Mr Demeke Mekonnen and United Nations Secretary-General Mr Antonio Guterres at UNECA on 29 January 2017 on the occasion of the High Level Forum on the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia.

The funding from the Japan Government aims to improve access to safe and reliable water to 115,000 women, men, boys and girls through drilling of new boreholes, rehabilitating non-functional water points and providing non-food items for distribution.

This study therefore sought to develop a readyto- use- therapeutic food using foods that are locally available in Western Kenya.

Objective: The objectives of this study were to develop a ready-to-usetherapeutic- food using soybeans; assess consumer acceptability of the locally developed ready-to-use-therapeutic-food, test the effect of formulated products on malnourished animal models, and analyze the cost of local production of the ready-to-use-therapeutic-food.

Proximate analyses for protein, fat, moisture, carbohydrate and energy were done according to standard AOAC International methods.

Hedonic characterization on a 9-point scale was done to determine the liking for colour, flavour, texture, appearance and general acceptability.

These high levels of protein energy malnutrition are a major cause of high infant and child morbidity, and mortality rates.

Community-based therapy for acute childhood malnutrition has been successful in a variety of settings over the last five years.

Preference ranking for consumer acceptability of three formulations was done by 50 University of Eldoret students; 27 female and 23 male students aged 21-30 years.

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