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A change in one person's behavior of necessity affects the entire system - and also how the family members relate to each other.

The identified patient is usually the least powerful family member and the individual who is demonstrating the effects of anxiety for the family(Burgess, 1998).

Group therapy is the necessary hub around which a person can heal their codependence (Lowinsin, Ruiz, Millman and Langrud, 1992).

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They are encouraged to detach and focus on themselves to help with their emotional distress and to increase their skills needed to cope (The Al-Anon Family Groups, 1981, Laundergan and Williams, 1993).

The general focus of Al-Anon is getting free of the unnecessary pain and suffering that results from living with an alcoholic or drug dependent person.

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There is no birth of consciousness without pain(Cambell 1971, pg.167).

Three focuses of therapy will be reviewed in this paper. Alcoholism is viewed as a disease and family members also have the disease of "codependence" (Cermak, 1986).

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The use of Al-Anon, Al-Ateen or Adult children of alcoholics groups is highly recommended as well as individual and group therapy to address various psychological issues.

With this approach, family members should not actively intervene to attempt to change the alcoholic's drinking.

The second treatment approach involves the use of the Bowen family systems approach.

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