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This year we are offering two one-week sessions in June and July with manners themes and accompanying activities you will not find anywhere else all under the same roof!

Awards season has arrived and with it we have compiled our "Red Carpet Manners" list of what to look for whether viewing the awards shows at home or strolling down the red carpet in person.

Coming up next month, we'll bring you detailed information on our adult programs as well as our second season of "Manners Camp".

While the adults are busy brushing up on their dating skills, older children may wish to attend our upcoming "Mitzvah Manners" class on Sunday, February 22nd at upscale Kosher restaurant A Cow Jumped Over the Moon.

This unique program is designed for anyone about to embark on a coming of age celebration.

Parties, in general, are a welcome respite to our very hectic lives.

Our "Intermediate Course: The Party Perfect" on Saturday, February 28th at Mc Cormick & Schmick's walks younger children through every aspect of the party ensuring future gracious hosts and hostesses.

Modern technology has made it more difficult than ever to determine when it is appropriate to send an email or a handwritten thank you. Dress appropriately and groom yourself for the occasion.

Too much cleavage (Selma Hayek) and see-through clothing (Renee Zellweger) is a distraction.

In addition to the instruction, the program includes a formal 5-course dining tutorial covering all rules of table and dining etiquette.

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