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I created a database of all the dishes that are popular, like tacos, pizza, coffee.How did you come up with a list of favourite foods?So I researched the different factors that connect people and food was the No. So I’m like, “Let me give it a shot and create something on my own.”How did you do your research?

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Indeed, the promise of booty was long the primary reason men went to war, their desire to acquire by theft what they’d never attain by rank or merit driving them to risk their lives in conflicts whose moral or political goals held little interest. military attempted to curtail looting, American soldiers were certainly not above “liberating” items that caught their fancy, especially in the European theater.

While the greatest looters of World War II were undoubtedly Germany, Japan, and Russia—each stole untold billions of dollars in art, industrial equipment, and individual wealth—soldiers of all the combatant nations helped themselves to the possessions of others. Most of these thefts were smalltime and spur of the moment.

Bhatia, originally from India, came to Canada in 2012 to do an MBA at York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Since finishing in 2014, he’s worked on projects for companies such as e-commerce giant Amazon and MNM Design Labs, where he developed mobile apps to track food-truck deliveries in San Francisco.

And in November, dating app Zoosk analyzed more than 3.5 million profiles and first messages between users.

Profiles with the word “foodie” got 82 per cent more incoming messages than average, and those with the word cook got 26 per cent more.Mentioning specific foods, such as guacamole, potatoes and chocolate were especially enticing, with 100 per cent more incoming messages.The Star spoke with Bhatia about researching via pizza parties, enlisting food influencers and his own search for love. I was on dating sites — Tinder, Bumble, and some others — and getting lost in the crowd. They were very profile-based and the process of connecting felt a bit empty to me.You basically connect with a person based on looks.So I thought of creating something where you put someone’s interests up front, with looks being secondary.But to improve his odds, the 31-year-old Toronto man needed to create something different.

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