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When we first met, I asked what had led him to choose this profession.

'I tried to get off with her but she wasn't having any' at least sounds cocky and laddish, whereas 'I asked her out for coffee but she said no' just sounds pathetic.)English females are accustomed to this rather ambivalent form of courtship.

Sometimes, however, we find it hard to read the signals accurately, and spend inordinate amounts of time discussing the possible meaning of some obscure hint or ambiguous gesture with our female friends.

So, the English are genetically programmed to flirt.

It's just that we don't do it with the same degree of skill or assurance as most other nationalities.

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That is the question that social anthropologist Kate Fox set out to answer in her book Watching The English. On Saturday, she explained why your choice of marmalade reveals your true social class.

According to the popular stereotype, we are passionless, reserved and often sexually naïve.

Fortunately, our sexually incompetent reputation isn't borne out by the facts, which suggest that we manage to copulate and reproduce just like the rest of the world.

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This independence also appears in the raising of children.

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