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Figg, if there's an investigation going on," Barrada said.

Bowers, Joynt and Zelazoski told students that they couldn't answer any questions about Figg-Franzoi due to legal matters.

The Homestead Museum's collection focuses on objects dating from 1830 to 1930 with strengths in the history of greater Los Angeles and the museum's historic houses and cemetery, along with other artifacts pertaining to regional, state, and national history.

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The winners get to spank the runners-up with a dinner plate-sized metal platter — the "Ass Platter" — passed down to each successive high school class.

The post said the ritual is performed by students alone, participation is voluntary, and is not organized or facilitated by Figg-Franzoi or any other teacher. According to Homestead High School senior student and Drama Club Co-president Silma Barrada, she was called to principal Brett Bowers' office where the platter was taken away.

Like all public employees, district teachers also have the right to privacy in employment matters," the rest of the district's statement said.

The district sent a followup statement later: "When a concerning situation at Homestead High School was reported to administrators in the Mequon-Thiensville School District, officials began an investigation."There is a distinct process set forth by district policy and state law to investigate concerns.

Figg-Franzoi, who has been the school's drama teacher for the past seven years, received notice that some administrators had recommended to Superintendent Matthew Joynt that she be fired, according to a Facebook post by the group Friends for Amelia Figg-Franzoi, started by an unknown source. Barrada said she wasn't told why, and she didn't ask why.

Rather than firing Figg-Franzoi, the district placed her on leave, according to a statement released Wednesday night, Nov. The statement did not refer to her by name, but did refer to her role as a teacher and theater director. But Barrada said she felt something was wrong when Figg-Franzoi wasn't at school, and didn't attend a show held after the school participated in the One Act sectional competition Saturday, Nov 4."At first, we just assumed she was sick for the first couple days, but we knew something worse happened, but no one told us anything," Barrada said.

Barrada said students stood up for their teacher."Students were crying. We're just really worried about the situation," Barrada said.

Fellow drama club student and senior Gwyneth Cain said the administration's decision is an overreaction."The whole thing is infuriating A) because she doesn't deserve it; B) because the whole situation should never have happened in the first place, and there's so many other things that could have been taken before removing her from the school entirely with no notice, no nothing," Cain said."They told us nothing at that meeting.

Students and parents protested the decision at a meeting Tuesday, Nov.

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