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His family was very poor and he grew up in a shack by the water, hating Collinsport (4, 11).His father scrounged for work repairing lobster pots or whatever work he could find (11).

At Collinwood, Burke insisted that he only came back to town for a few days and held no grudge against Roger or his family.

Before leaving, Burke asked Roger to meet him at the Blue Whale later, to discuss a business deal.

In a filthy bar in Montevideo, a character approached his table and made him a proposition to make some money.

Without thinking about it, Burke jumped at the opportunity and soon began building himself a fortune, a process which involved taking many risks (3, 24, And Red All Over...).

Burke next went out to the garage to look at Roger's car, as he was debating buying one just like it.

Victoria Winters found him here holding a wrench he'd found on the front seat (13).

He later bought Burke an actual soap pipe to use instead (29).

Unable to resist the temptation of a real haunted house in his home-town, Burke went up to the mysterious Collinwood at the age of ten to look for ghosts.

Burke had gotten on a coastal freighter to Boston and on board, he got so sea-sick he thought he was going to die (30).

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