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He had wired for three rooms on the top floor at the Collinsport Inn (1).

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He swore he'd come back to Collinsport and take everything the Collins' owned (21, 24).

Prior to the trial, Sam Evans had been doing a portrait of Burke, but it was interrupted and never to be finished (7).

Burke next went out to the garage to look at Roger's car, as he was debating buying one just like it.

Victoria Winters found him here holding a wrench he'd found on the front seat (13).

He later bought Burke an actual soap pipe to use instead (29).

Unable to resist the temptation of a real haunted house in his home-town, Burke went up to the mysterious Collinwood at the age of ten to look for ghosts.

Burke had gotten on a coastal freighter to Boston and on board, he got so sea-sick he thought he was going to die (30).

Another time, Burke used his favourite pipe for soap bubbles, infuriating him.

Diabolik Lovers (ディアボリックラヴァーズ Diaborikku Ravāzu), abbreviated as Dia Lover, is a Japanese visual novel franchise by Rejet The first game was released on October 11, 2012 for the Play Station Portable.

Three more games have been released since them with the first two games having been ported for the Play Station Vita with the subtitle "Limited V Edition".

The vampires (Sakamaki, Mukami and Tsukinami) go to the Demon World in order to retrieve her heart, but at the same time, a parade takes place.

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