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Humans are xenophile and fanatic egalitarian, and have the post-atomic armies of the US, China, Russia and the European Union. If they discover FTL they will become the United Nations of Earth.

In Star Control II, Beta Corvi IV is the gas giant home of the Slylandro, who share some similarities with Stellaris' Dathnak.

Though it is a real star system it is likely also a reference to "Futurama" where the overlord Lrrr of the Omicronians lives on Omicron Persei VIII.

While constructing a ringworld another empire might contact you thinking that you are making weapons of mass destruction on your ringworld, a reference to the titular ringworlds from the Halo series.

During the pre-release stream series Wiz was inspired by one of the fungoid portraits to create a very friendly but hideously ugly species called the Blorg.

y), but is not long-lived enough to have survived in significant quantities from the formation of the Solar System on Earth, although it remains useful in radiometric dating in the Solar System as an extinct radionuclide. All of the remaining radioisotopes have half-lives that are less than two days, and the majority of these have half-lives that are less than 48 seconds.

This element also has twelve known isomers with the most stable being Sm primarily decay by alpha decay to isotopes of neodymium.

Citizen Service The standard human namelist used by the United Nations of Earth is loaded with references; for instance, all Destroyers are named after cities, whilst Cruisers are named after battles (Somme, Hastings, Bunker Hill) and military commanders/leaders (Julius Caesar, De Gaulle, Genghis Khan), construction ships are named for oceans and rivers (Pacific, Atlantic, Volga, Ganges, Rhine), science ships are named for explorers and scientists (Grissom, Gagarin, Asimov, Hawking), and so on.

The second brightest star in the southern constellation Corvus (the raven).

The summary pages are arranged alphabetically in the document, and can also be accessed via the bookmarks which are ordered according to chemical group.

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