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The Blorg became something of an inside joke within the game.

The xenophile advisor references to the Blorg as friendly, the Subdermal Stimulation tech shows a Blorg body-pillow, the Chemical Bliss drugs it unlocks include Blorg bodily fluids and the Uncanny trait, describing machines made in the image of one of the most horrific species in the universe, shows a robotic Blorg.

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In Star Control II, Beta Corvi IV is the gas giant home of the Slylandro, who share some similarities with Stellaris' Dathnak.

Though it is a real star system it is likely also a reference to "Futurama" where the overlord Lrrr of the Omicronians lives on Omicron Persei VIII.

My Qs are: isn't paraffin oil better than kerosene AND is a sand bath necessary or desirable?

Also: is it desirable or necessary to store Phosphorus in a sand bath?

Humans are xenophile and fanatic egalitarian, and have the post-atomic armies of the US, China, Russia and the European Union. If they discover FTL they will become the United Nations of Earth.

They cannot start a nuclear war at this stage (civilizations that start in Early Space Age discover FTL before the nuclear wars triggers start) The Sanctuary system, containing a ringworld populated by primitive species that was designed by a precursor empire to house and preserve primitive life, is a homage to Larry Niven's Ringworld, the novel which is the origin of ringworlds concept in fiction.Finally, a possible name for black hole systems is Blorg's Bane.The governments and backgrounds the civics generate also match the referenced series.The Chemical Management Handbook was developed by Science ASSIST in recognition of a need for guidance on the safe handling, storage and waste disposal of chemicals in schools.The Handbook provides information on most of the chemicals in the Science ASSIST List of Recommended Chemicals in the form of a one page summary per chemical, which covers safe handling, storage and first aid, and waste disposal procedures.Lighter unstable isotopes of samarium primarily decay by electron capture to isotopes of promethium, while heavier ones decay by beta decay to isotopes of europium.

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