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Stones are put onto the fire, and when most of the husks are burnt away, foods such as taro, pork and potato are wrapped in banana leaves and placed on the stones.Fish and meat should be placed first, with the vegetables on top.

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Literally meaning ‘to spread’, the ‘spreading of the mats’ is an ancient Fijian wedding tradition.

Traditionally, each person (usually in order of their social standing in their families) places a mat on the floor to symbolise where the couple will sleep. Usually, the bride’s mother is the last person to spread a mat.

For many brides, the tradition of warriors, or the ‘Bili Bili’, is a festive and eye-catching way to enter their ceremony.

This is when native Fijians wearing traditional garb carry the bride on a wedding throne that is gorgeously adorned with flowers.

For so many cultures, it’s all about the food, and Fiji really is no exception.

In fact, feasting on special occasions is common practice in Fiji.

Previously, the drink was used for ceremonial purposes.

Kava, made from the dried roots of a pepper tree, is generally presented by visitors to the elders of a village, in a practice called sevusevu.

Have all guests take a ceremonial cup of brew, but remember, the contents must be drunk all at once.

In some cases, a clap once before or after drinking is required.

And after having your wedding in such a beautiful location, it makes sense to continue the love-fest by exploring Fiji even further.

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