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I found myself becoming very impatient and frustrated with the lack of common sense - such that I started to lose respect for him and I had to end the relationship.

Give me a guy with street smarts and common sense, the abililty to use logic and find solutions to everyday things/situations/issues in life over a brainiac/Mensa-member anyday of the week.

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On the other hand, there are some extremely bright people who can intuitively discern what type of person you are, simply by asking the right questions.

They can quickly build a repore with you, and in no time, you feel like you've been friends for years!

How to change a tire, or fix just about anything fixable.

Can calculate most equations in my head as long as we don't get past four dimensions and still know which fork is which.

I know a super smart gal that do well in academia but is completely useless in a real world setting, and I am not attracted to her. The REAL question is: How does THAT person make YOU feel?

Someone who flaunts their intellect for self gratification is the worst kind of bore...

It's like the difference between knowing how to play music, and not.

Two musicians will have something together that they would miss if either tried a relationship with a non-musician. Seriously, you must have an idoit magnet on you or something.

Being focused in one area can make one exclude other parts of thier life. More common are lack of social interaction skills that come with focusing on intellectual pursuits.

But remember, there is a Massive difference between the skilled, the learned, and the gifted. I've taught woods skills, can survive over night outside in this horrible climate (over night winter survival was required for search and rescue) know what to eat, and not.

(That's what's so scary about an evil brainiac like Ted Bundy) IQ is really too narrow of a term.

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