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Isotopic and Geochemical Investigation of Two Distinct Mars Analog Environments Using Evolved Gas Techniques in Svalbard, Norway. Mineralogical and sulfur isotopic evidence for sulfate reducing and disproportionating bacteria influencing pyrite and marcasite formation in the Georgia kaolins.

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Petrogenesis of 1000 Ma felsic tuffs, Chhattisgarh and Indravati basins, Bastar craton, India: Geochemical and Hf-isotope constraints 1–54 DOI Basu, A., Schieber, J., Patranabis–Deb, S.

E., Basu, A., Mukherjee, A., Hietpas, J., Schieber, J., Patranabis–Deb, S., Ray, R.

Relationships between porosity, organic matter, and mineral matter in mature organic-rich marine mudstones of the Belle Fourche and Second White Specks Formations in Alberta, Canada. C., Franz, H., Archer, P., Jr., Freissinet, C., Sutter, B., Eigenbrode, J. P., Atreya, S., Bish, D., Blake, D., Bower, H., Brunner, A., Grotzinger, J., Mahaffy, P.

Ferrian saponite from the Santa Monica Mountains (California, USA, Earth): Characterization as an analog for clay minerals on Mars with application to Yellowknife Bay in Gale Crater.

Basu | Bish | Brassell | Brophy | Douglas | Edmonds | Elswick | Hamburger | Herrmann | C. Johnson | Kieu | Kirkpatrick | Li | Merino | Mastalerz | Motz | Njau | Pavils | Polly | Pratt | Ripley | Sauer Schieber | Schimmelmann | Staten | Wayslenki | Wintsch | Yanites | Zhu Basu, A.

An alternative perspective on the opening and closing of the intracratonic Purana basins in peninsular India.

Mars methane detection and variability at Gale crater.

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