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The number increased from 29 to 30 after approximately a minute.

Mike and Carol rent an apartment in the city as Jason and Maggie wait patiently for them to return home.

The wait may not to be too long as Carol get immersed in the culture of NYC, indirectly getting her and Mike evicted, and Maggie's parents start laying down the law.

The Seavers spend a rainy Halloween night telling ghost stories – and thanks to Mike they discover that truth can be much scarier than fiction.

Mike tries desperately to get tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert and is ecstatic when Jason gets them.

However, he does not seem as enthusiastic when a news report shows Mike with his father enjoying the concert.

J.; Mike discovers he has values; and Carol learns to think for herself instead of going along with the crowd.

Maggie arranges for Ben to meet his favorite rock musician, Jonathan Keith (Brad Pitt), whose backstage behavior cures Ben's idolatry of him.

But before they even get there, Mike gets some serious life experience during the flight.

Maggie believes that the Seavers' handyman is getting too old (he's messing up more than he's fixing) and tries to convince Jason to let him go.

Then they find out that somebody else was behind the mistakes.

Ben is told that if he wants a new bike he has to put up half the cost, so he turns to Carol for ideas on how to make a fast buck.

Ben's hockey team unfortunately features father-son bullies, the father being the team's coach (Dan Lauria); things only get worse when Ben's father gets involved.

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