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Note: This is Brad Pitt's second appearance in the series.

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The Malones are having financial trouble and will not accept money from anyone, including their son-in-law.

Overwhelmed by the holiday spirit, Ben brings home a homeless teen (Hallie Todd).

Then they find out that somebody else was behind the mistakes.

Ben is told that if he wants a new bike he has to put up half the cost, so he turns to Carol for ideas on how to make a fast buck.

Mike tries desperately to get tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert and is ecstatic when Jason gets them.

However, he does not seem as enthusiastic when a news report shows Mike with his father enjoying the concert.The teen, who snidely identifies herself as "Nancy Reagan", cops an attitude with the Seavers and sees a chance to rob their house.Has Ben made a mistake in being considerate, or will the Seavers' hospitality set the teen runaway straight?After Maggie insists that Mike be grounded for lying, she is caught in a lie herself and Jason suggests that she should ground herself to teach Mike a lesson.But this is one of those times when a punishment hurts the parent more than the child – Maggie will be missing a concert in Atlantic City by one of her favorites!With Maggie's increased workload, Jason takes on more responsibilities at home and gives Carol boy-trouble advice.

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