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Corporate citizenship also presents a window for the corporate sector to extend this know- how voluntarily.Activities organizations partake in include establishing volunteer programmes with non-profit institutions, to working to improve environmental issues, to using core competencies to create products or services that help solve social issues.

The dearth in services delivered to the community is being met by not for profit institutions.

Increasing accountability of the corporate sector by all its stakeholders – particularly civil society, has changed the passive role of corporate to an active, more responsible function.

In recent years, this practice has become a growing trend in many employee engagement programmes of companies.

The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), a group of CEOs encouraging philanthropy in companies, reported 70% of 260 companies surveyed in its group, support employee volunteering by paying them.

This has changed their role of philanthropic giving into concepts of corporate citizenship and sustainability.

Concepts of environmental stewardship, community involvement and social innovation are important aspects of corporate external CSR strategy.

They have the market incentives, technical knowledge and corporate research departments which are continuously developing and improving products to adapt to future scenarios.

Hence a lot of research has gone into future issues and needs.

The business case for investing in corporate citizenship is that it can present a way of dealing with future risks in the field.

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