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So what you need to do is load up your game and then on the lower left side of the screen, there is a log in button.

Then you simply log into your Bioware profile manually and it should connect the servers.

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Now in the top right corner should be your user name or if you are logged out of you Bioware or Origin account it will say “Sign In”, click it (if it says “Sign In" then it will take you to do just that). There are some interesting things to do there, but for right now hover over "Games” on the side bar on the left and a drop down menu will appear. It will take you to a list of Bioware games and whether they are synced or not.

Console: If you used the same email as your Live/PSN account, then you will need to get onto the console that has that account and load up your Dragon Age games.

Otherwise the site will say there are no profiles to upload or connect to at the moment and take you to an error screen.

Once you get on the console and the game comes up to the menu screens, they should automatically sign into your Bioware account/Connect to Dragon Age Servers (as long as it is connected to the Internet and on your Live/PSN account) and you will need to load your games and then save them again.

To justify my endless hours playing the game, I’ve decided to do mini-reviews of each piece of content.

This will be the first of two entries, where I will look at the base game and DLC related to that campaign.

So if you notice your profile is not updating, you’ll need to first disable the console and then you can follow the steps in the guide to update your profile.

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