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Kathleen continues to live in the home she kicked Hunter out of in July 2015 with 16-year-old daughter Maisy.Hunter is fighting her on custody, asking that he get joint physical and legal for Maisy.

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'The parties' outstanding debts are shocking and overwhelming,' states Kathleen in the filing, claiming they have 'maxed-out credit-card debt' and a 'tax debt of at least $313,970' among other owed expenses.

Kathleen and Hunter have also 'bounced three checks to their housekeeper and owe medical providers and therapists for outstanding bills' according to the motion.

No kids: The couple's minor daughter Maisy was not home at the time and away in Los Angeles with Sasha Obama and Joe and Dr.

Jill Biden watching the World Cup (Front row, l to r: Natalie and Hunter Biden, second row: Sasha Obama, Maisy Biden, Dr.

The pair stayed close to one another in photos of the trip, and later Joe spoke sabut how much he loved his son and daughter-in-law during his speech.'Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, you've been sitting a long time in the hot sun here.

If I were smart, which I'm not, I'd say thank you and sit down and let you all go,' said Joe.

Hunter loves and admires Kathleen as a person, a mother, and a friend.

He hopes their privacy can be respected at this time.

Kathleen also claims Hunter 'continued to incur debt on any available cards,' 'maxed out all available cash advances,' and 'transferred money to himself from an account solely in [Kathleen's] name.'The charges and cash advances Hunter takes are 'rarely' being spent on 'legitimate family expenses' according to the filing, and instead 'focuses on his own travel ( at times multiple hotel rooms on the same night), gifts for other women, alcohol, strip clubs, and other personal indulgences.' The motion requests that the court remedy the situation for the time being by having 'all funds earned prior to a full and final resolution ... Biden receive an allocation of ,000 per month and Mr.

Biden receive an allocation of ,000 per month.'Any other assets would ave to be use 'as jointly agreed between the parties to pay family expenses and debts.' In addition, 'all assets received by Mr. be placed into a safety deposit box accessible only by both parties.'Finally, the motion asks that the court 'reserve the issue of [Hunter's] dissipation of marital assets' as we as 'reserve the issue of [Kathleen's] attorney's fees and costs with respect to this motion for a final merits hearing in the matter.'When asked for comment about Kathleen's filing, Hunter's lawyer Sarah Mancinelli told Daily 'Hunter and Kathleen have been separated for some time and are in the process of finalizing a divorce.

' The relationship between the couple appeared to fall apart quickly after the death of Beau Biden in May of 2015.

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