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The Ukrainian heiress who killed five and injured six in a horror crash was tonight detained for two months to stop her fleeing the country before her trial.Alyona Zaitseva, 20, burst into tears as she was detained despite an extraordinary appeal to allow her multi-millionaire father to compensate her victims and their families.

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Ms Zaitseva has declined so far to give testimony on the horrific accident, citing the 63rd article of the Ukrainian constitution, permitting her not to incriminate herself.

Earlier a video appeared to show her smirking in court flanked by policemen.

All my thoughts are about it.'Her lawyer Yulia Kozyr - famous for representing prominent people accused of corruption in Kharkiv - had sought house arrest for her.

But a judge ruled that she must remain in a detention prison for two months pending a criminal investigation into alleged dangerous driving causing deaths and injuries.

He demanded new laws to deter dangerous driving and said that when she crashed on Wednesday night, she had been driving at more than 100 kilometres and hour (62 mph).

And he warned there could be pressure because of her father's sway in Ukraine to keep her out of jail or blame the other driver who, he said, had correctly moved forward on a green light.'She will have to pay for it with her freedom,' he said.'The Criminal Code has up to 10 years of jail for such cases.'Warning of attempts to avoid the law applying to her, he insisted: 'We will allow no attempts to 'solve the issue' another way.'The appalling carnage must become 'a silent call for consciousness to all those who speed up' when the light goes yellow or red.

'Gerashchenko, revealed: 'During last two years the Lexus driver has been caught eight times by Kharkiv traffic patrol for violating traffic rules.'This involved speeding, jumping red lights, and violating parking rules, he said.

But the maximum she was fined for these transgressions was £14.

Separate footage suggests she had been racing another car moments before colliding with a VW Touareg, then spun out of control and overturned, ramming into the pedestrians.

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