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That is a drive I do almost daily and I promise tell you she is not describing Jalalabad in her article.

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The mission unquestionably went down as described but there is a problem with the whole story line and that is 95% of the ordinance recovered and 99% of the calls for EOD support go to a single American contractor who lives outside the wire and has a team of Afghan EOD techs in training.

The reason he gets all the calls and most of the recoveries is that he responds within 5 minutes of notification 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If this is the vehicle then I take back what I said in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor – this was another poorly made VBIED and with a trigger man who missed his objective and killed a bunch of civilians like the poor bastard in the foregrounds who riding by on his bike. This is the first successful Taliban attack in Kabul since last winter and although the execution was better than average the Taliban once again managed to kill or wound innocent Afghan civilians most of whom were undoubtedly children.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a problem in Afghanistan” That is bullshit – what the blast signals is that somebody was able to bribe their way past the ANP check-posts and get right up to the U. I was interviewed for my take on the bombing by the Christian Science Monitor and remarked that it seemed this attack was executed better than the average Taliban lash up but after seeing the picture above I take it back.

There was also this article from USA Today concerning the counter IED program in Nangarhar Province.

It covers a call made to the local Army FOB concerning an IED and the soldiers response with a 4 MRAP flying squad.

Everything looks the same, only the background is different.

As the elections approach there has been much in the news on Afghanistan and most of it is not terribly accurate. Most news outlets are connecting this attack to a countrywide effort by Taliban groups to interfere with the Presidential election scheduled for Thursday.

The ANP general in charge of conducting criminal investigations is denied access to the scene and run off by ISAF HQ troops who would not know an Afghan general from the Easter Bunny.

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