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We played all sorts of games, most of them involved chasing around and catching whoever happened to be it while in others the chaser was the it.When we tired of this the boys and girls went about their own specialist occupations.After getting home at four o'clock, until it was time to go in for our evening meal around six o'clock, I could go out to play with other local children.

However the government gave us some help by having double summertime which meant that we only had to abandon our street games for December and January.

As Winter gave way to Spring we were again able to go out to play after tea.

A recent inter-generational family discussion led me to thinking about present day childhood in comparison to my own experiences during and immediately after World War II.

The first thing to strike me was the enormous amount of freedom that I had from the time that I started school.

Just as suddenly the match guns were set aside to be replaced by another 'must have' piece of equipment. This game required two pieces of steel about a quarter inch thick and around one by one and-a-half inches in size.

To find such treasures meant haunting the local engineering works and pleading, any broken files or scrounging any other suitable piece of metal. It could be played as solitary pastime as you walked along the street.

The other players stood on the other side of the road and they could take a step forward every time a wrong guess was made.

When the correct item was shouted out the successful guesser chased the others and whoever was caught was It for the next round.

Residents who were particularly nasty to us may even have had their doorbell rung and not found anyone there when they answered it.

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