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Thailand is easily one of the most affordable destinations.No matter where you are in the country -- Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket -- it's possible to eat and sleep on a shoestring budget.Colombia is becoming an increasingly popular destination according to blogger Joe Wareham, creator of Worlds Away.

Described by Hostelbookers as a land of $2 dorm beds and 50-cent beers, there are countless affordable hostels in Cambodia.

The Hi Siem Reap Deluxe Hostel starts at around $3 per day, which leaves you with plenty of money to explore the country's famous sites, including the Angkor Wat Temples.

Accommodations at guesthouses that cost as little as $10 per night are listed on Airbnb.

When it comes to memorable beach destinations, it doesn't get much better than Coron Island in the Philippines, according to Katharine Cortes, creator of the blog Tara Lets Anywhere.

And the serving was so big I had enough for a second meal." Steer clear of high-end hotels and instead stay at guesthouses, which are a Sri Lankan specialty, says Price.

Dorm beds at the Marine Tourist Guest House at Negombo Beach are under a night.

Few people know the world better than travel bloggers, particularly when it comes to places that can be visited on the cheap.

So, Cheapism tapped a half-dozen bloggers for their recommendations for destinations that can be experienced on a day or less for food and accommodations.

"Bintang beer is enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike for less than a buck," he adds.

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