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He can’t accurately estimate what the relationship is or should When these imbalances go wrong, they go very, very wrong.I am reluctant even to mention sexual assault, but it is too important to neglect.

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Perhaps they have grown up together, go to the same church or somehow know each other outside of school? There are some people that think it's such a bad thing for seniors to date freshmen.

Does this happen frequently I don't think so but anything is possible. There are other people that think there's nothing wrong with seniors dating freshmen.

He wasn’t a child, he wasn’t dumb, he just...didn’t know Amherst College.

The College treats freshmen differently because it knows, as I believe we all do intuitively, that freshman year is a time for growth.

a better sense of what she wants from her partner, a better sense of who he is forgoing, a stronger awareness of how this hook-up will be perceived on campus, as well as more minor things: a better support system of friends and (often) more sexual experience.

The senior, in short, knows himself better than the freshman could ever hope to.He’s had three years to figure out who he is and how he fits into the culture of Amherst.The first-year just hasn’t had the time to get to know herself as well.A high school freshman is generally way different from a high school senior. But this thread is somewhat based on me 2 years ago. That's part of why it failed.[quote=city_data91;16948843]Just to clear up any confusion, I'm not a senior. Seeing as freshman are 14 or 15, let's say the freshman is on the older end of the grade so she's 15. And the senior is on the younger end of the grade, he's 17 and he's a summer baby. The senior guy has the freshman girl's best interest in mind. He's not just looking for an easy freshman girl to have sex with. Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

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