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I think, more acutely, of the decades and centuries of human shame and darkness and waste and terror that defined gay people’s lives for so long.

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But some things you know deep in your heart: that all human beings are made in the image of God; that their loves and lives are equally precious; that the pursuit of happiness promised in the Declaration of Independence has no meaning if it does not include the right to marry the person you love; and has no force if it denies that fundamental human freedom to a portion of its citizens.

In the words of Hannah Arendt: “The right to marry whoever one wishes is an elementary human right compared to which ‘the right to attend an integrated school, the right to sit where one pleases on a bus, the right to go into any hotel or recreation area or place of amusement, regardless of one’s skin or color or race’ are minor indeed.

For many years, it felt like one step forward, two steps back.

History is a miasma of contingency, and courage, and conviction, and chance.

They will seem merely like people who have been allowed to see the possibility of a larger human dignity and who cannot wait to achieve it.

I think of the gay kids in the future who, when they figure out they are different, will never know the deep psychic wound my generation – and every one before mine – lived through: the pain of knowing they could never be a citizen of their own country.The denial of marriage to gay people is therefore not a minor issue. It is the most profound statement our society can make that homosexual love is simply not as good as heterosexual love; that gay lives and commitments and hopes are simply worth less.It cuts gay people off not merely from civic respect, but from the rituals and history of their own families and friends.Their deaths have stunned the country, and has prompted an outpouring of grief from prominent businessman and even a tribute from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.Sherman, who would have turned 76 next month and was worth .2billion, and his wife, were well known for their generosity and gave millions to charity.'The circumstances of their death appear suspicious and we are treating it that way,' said Constable David Hopkinson.I remember one of the first TV debates I had on the then-strange question of civil marriage for gay couples.

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