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Being new parents is tough and I think you should back off for a little while, there are plenty of other ways to show love and care but right now you need to consider her needs above your own. Just keep going with that so you can always talk about it.

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If my DH pressured and used emotional blackmail like you have possibly used on your partner, he would be out on his ass.

Get your act together, she has recently given birth and at this time biology is working the way it should by prioritising your newborn at the expense of all else, roll with it and man up.

You need to give her a kiss yourself, don't expect her to make all the effort, she is tired and busy! It's just three months and your affections are waning and you're wondering how long you'll stick around for? She's told you her feelings haven't changed, she still loves you, so you need to leave it at that. If you can't handle three months, then that's a pretty poor effort.

Try and spend some time with her with no expectation of sex. Do you even know what its like for a male partner to feel second place to a new baby, to not feel that he can connect with his partner and she seems different?

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated It is totally normal, especially when breastfeeding.

It is just nature's way of helping to ensure that children are spaced out! It can be a lonely time for a new dad if mum basically falls in love with the baby.Marital satisfaction can be very low after the birth of the first baby. It's a very normal part of life for new parents.It doesn't last for ever or every child would be an only.That way you are sharing things, being close emotionally, if not physically and sexually.All of PP's have mentioned the fraise 'touched out'.I do not, I cant possibly know but try to understand She's either just pushed a large object from her vagina, or been chopped open.

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