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The Caller will traditionally try the late-night call assuming you MUST be available at such a late hour.

You must realize that like many of the people who fit the terms on this list, The Caller is completely inconsiderate and would probably try to call you in the operating room while you're undergoing open heart surgery - even though the two of you have never met!!!

Cheating is sometimes viewed as “easier” than establishing honest open relationships.

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Cut through the crap and recognize the pitfalls and early warning signs.

Learn from others' dating mistakes so you don't end up with your date from hell story on this website!

Internet Dating and the Online Personals scene could be much simpler than it probably is.

Pay attention to the signs and reference the dating glossary terms as often as is needed!

ASD often drives women, even very intelligent ones, to extremely irrational behavior and rationalizing.

Because ASD is a direct result of exposure to societal programming, ASD grows every year a woman ages, until it maxes out around her early 40s.Your phone rings over and over and over, to the point of becoming frightening.Perhaps the worst trait of The Caller is that he or she lacks respect.Comfort Bombardment – A process by which you get a woman comfortable about you after the first date is scheduled via online dating but prior to actually meeting her in real life.Comfort Bombardment raises the odds of sex considerably and reduces the odds of flaking. The amount of time you have installed in your brain before you will on a monogamous partner.For example, a 37 year-old woman will easily have ten times the ASD of a 19 year-old woman. A man who chooses to be dominated by the woman he’s in a relationship with.

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