Google latitude not updating location droid

Only GPS generates location co-ordinates (Longitude and Latitude) which Endomondo uses to trace the route of your workout and calculate the distance of your track, this cannot be done with location estimates using cellular networks and/or Wi-Fi.Question: My Phone's GPS does not work with your application?

google latitude not updating location droid-51

To make sure that Endomondo has permission to use location on your device, please go to your Application that allows the user to lock their GPS signal so that the signal is not lost when moving around apps, such as maps, navigation or geocaching.

Click here to find the GPS connected application on Google Play.

Answer: The battery consumption varies a lot from phone to phone and it depends on how many other applications and services you are using at the same time.

For instance, it often helps significantly to turn off Bluetooth, Wi Fi and other services if you are not using them.

Question: Other apps are showing my location but Endomondo does not?

Answer: Endomondo uses GPS to track workouts, whereas other applications such as 'Maps' can place your location on a map using cellular networks or Wi-Fi to estimate your location on a map.

Some phones are better at picking up the satellite signals and pinpointing the actual position and are therefore, more accurate than others.

It is always possible that wrong track points will be picked up by the phone.

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