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Please note that features such as pep talks and live tracking won't work when data connection is off.There are certain occasions when you need the exact coordinates for a specific location, but most map applications don’t show that kind of data front and center because it’s not something that is needed very often.

To make sure that Endomondo has permission to use location on your device, please go to your Application that allows the user to lock their GPS signal so that the signal is not lost when moving around apps, such as maps, navigation or geocaching.

Click here to find the GPS connected application on Google Play.

Most new phones can track with the GPS on for 4-6 hours before recharging, whereas the best phones can track for up to 12 hours before recharging.

A battery that has been used a lot will often drain faster, so it might help to get a new battery.

Please go to your phone settings – Applications – Select three dot menu (Top right corner) – Select ‚Special Access‘ – Select ‚Optimize Battery usage‘ – Find Endomondo on the list and make sure that it is not selected.

Please go to your phone Settings - Additional Settings - Battery & performance - Manage apps' battery usage - Choose apps and select Endomondo.

In some cases the quality of your tracking can be affected by your Time and Date settings, if this is currently manually set please consider to change it so that it is set automatically for the most accurate and up to date information.

While this setting (Optimization) is active it may result in the application crashing or not tracking distance and therefore we’d like to encourage users to disable optimization for Endomondo if Enabled.

Question: Other apps are showing my location but Endomondo does not?

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