Google sync blackberry calendar not updating

There is a possibility that you assigned events to a wrong calendar such as Outlook or Yahoo Calendar, and the will not display in Google Calendar.

Please remember that the syncing of calendar and contacts may cause the current information on the Blackberry to be overwritten or cause duplicates.

It wouldn’t be easy to guess that after discussing how you can sync your Gmail with your Blackberry, I’d move on to syncing your Google Calendar with your Blackberry as well.

Please go back to your main page on i Phone and select Calendar and select “LIST” view of your events/dates/appointments from the calendar.

Now you can see each event has a colored bullet to the left. Please make sure the events that you required in Google Calendar is assigned to your Google account.

In that case, you have to set the Google Calendar as your default calendar to add entries automatically to Google.

You can confirm on the default calendar on i Phone, i OS Settings Now we have to check whether the events created in Google Calendar or some other calendar like Outlook or Yahoo calendars that you already configured on your i Phone.If you sync a family calendar for example, you can get the latest updates through your wireless network.The sync will you downloaded the Google Sync application will be added to your Google Calendar.Google Calendar Sync has existed for some time for your computer, but now there is also a mobile sync.With this application you can completely sync your Blackberry and Google Calendar, instead of just receiving SMS-based reminders of important appointments.Once the loading has completed, You are done configuring your Stern Gmail!

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