Google sync blackberry calendar not updating google sync blackberry calendar not updating

If you still have difficulty to see events in Google Calendar, please do the last two steps that described here. This guide will walk you through the steps for syncing your Stern mail, calendar and contacts to your Blackberry.Please go back to your main page on i Phone and select Calendar and select “LIST” view of your events/dates/appointments from the calendar.

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Select this icon to access your Stern Gmail from now on.

You are now going to choose which options you wish to sync (Calendar and/or contact).

There is a possibility that you assigned events to a wrong calendar such as Outlook or Yahoo Calendar, and the will not display in Google Calendar.

If you find one, please do the following to make Sure Right Calendar on the i Phone.

Once the loading has completed, You are done configuring your Stern Gmail!

Now, just confirm that you have the Gmail icon on your Blackberry desktop (below).The window you see now will let you choose when to sync (automatic vs.manual), whether your Blackberry should override your Google Calendar on conflicts (or visa versa), and for which period your appointments will be synced (the next 4, 8, 16, or 24 weeks).If everything you did on this part as describing in the post, please follow the instructions in this post as the second level of troubleshooting.Related: How to Setup Google Calendar in New Windows 10 Calendar and Mail App You may already configure multiple calendars like Outlook (office calendar) Yahoo, Google Calendar on your i Phone Calendar Apps at the same time.In that case, you have to set the Google Calendar as your default calendar to add entries automatically to Google.

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