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The couple are determined to get married but Slade’s debt were holding them back as he has debts which he took to ensure his teenage, a victim of aggressive brain cancer gets the required treatment and Slade says, “I am happy to be in debt as long as Grayson gets to stay here with us.” If they got married, the debt would fall over Gretchen too, but it’s doubt if the debts more than her net worth of million accompanied by a salary of 5 thousand per season.

It is unclear as the amount is not specified, but Gretchen now says that his debts are not the reason that is holding them back.

They were the most beautiful years of our life in which because of the love and respect that we have, we became a partner and co exceptional.

However, since August 2010 and by mutual agreement, we are taking a time out in our romantic relationship but continued to work together in constant contact and have so far kept in reserve.

The more that we looked at that we just thought, ‘Gosh, that would be so difficult to get our family and friends to that type of a location.’ So we started looking for anything here in the States that would resemble a castle-like feel,” she told airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's "Sexy AF" First Date Set off Fire Alarms!

Mercedes "MJ" Javid Not Inviting the Whole 'Shahs of Sunset' Cast to Her Wedding!

Jokes Rossi's TV frenemy Alexis Bellino to Us: "I guess she decided to buy instead of lease, which is good!

" VIDEO: Tamra Barney tells Us about her wedding — and that huge fight with Alexis!

“The truth is that Slade and I already feel married and we’re in a very committed relationship as if we were married,” she previously explained, “and so it’s not something that we feel like we have to have a marriage certificate to qualify our love for each other.” (Photo Credit: Getty Images) But, once their bundle of joy eventually arrives and they’re finally ready to exchange their “I dos,” Gretchen is hoping to get hitched inside a castle.

“Every castle that we found and looked at was in Italy or some really far away place.

PHOTOS: Housewives bikini bodies "We congratulate Gretchen and Slade on their engagement and are excited to see it play out on the show," a Bravo spokesperson tells Us.

Rossi had previously hinted that she wouldn't mind reversing the roles and popping the question to the father of two, whose exes include former star Jo de la Rosa.

“So we did IVF first and we had such great results at the beginning and then the day before they were supposed to implant all the embryos – we had 14 embryos – basically what happened was they arrested, which means they all died off.

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