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In addition to changing its name, United Parcel Service continued to develop new approaches to its operations. The acquisition of common carrier rights enabled the company to deliver packages to private and commercial customer addresses.In 1922, the company acquired a business in Los Angeles that offered "wholesale delivery" service, shipping products from the manufacturer to the distributor. This step placed UPS in direct competition with the USPS.This section of the company quickly began providing its product transportation services to the public, in the same way that the U. The offerings included daily pickups, cash-on-delivery payment acceptance, automatic return of undeliverable packages, and weekly billing, all at rates competitive with the post office.

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Operating under the principle of providing the best service at the lowest rates, the company prospered.

Jim's steadfast commitment to reliability, courtesy, neatness, and high ethical standards helped establish the values that continue to guide UPS today.

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Their fledgling business entered a competitive marketplace, facing numerous firms that also specialized in message and parcel delivery.

Already experienced in business when he began the company, Jim hired other teens as messengers, and his younger brother George joined the firm's leadership ranks.The executives had to create an element of trust and credibility for the retail stores to agree, and those businesses had to overcome faith in their own systems in order to cede to a third party.In 1918, three of Seattle's leading department stores became customers, abandoning their own internal delivery efforts, and turning over business to Merchants Parcel Delivery.The 1920s marked a period of technological and service innovation.A major new development occurred in 1924, when the company introduced an innovative conveyor belt system used for package handling.A merger with Evert Mc Cabe's competing package delivery business helped the company redefine its primary charge.

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